Thu, Jan 11, 2024

Being Well Deserved! OMODA 5 Won the “Best Science and Technology SUV Award”

OMODA 5 has won wide attention as the first global vehicle of Chery since its birth, especially its technology configuration, which is comparable to the premium luxury products. Recently, OMODA 5 has obtained the 2022 “Best Science and Technology SUV Award” issued by Qatar Automobile Association, which can be deemed as a well-deserved reputation.

As a pioneer of future, OMODA 5 is equipped with multiple intelligent technologies, which not only brings an immersive intelligent driving experience to fashionable users, but also effectively improves the active and passive safety performance.

OMODA 5 adopts two 10.25-inch seamless duplex screens, and the combination of one core and two screens realizes the interconnection between the central control and instruments, breaking the inherent shape of the central control screen. In addition, the INS multi-color luminous AC controller boasts atmosphere lights of 64 colors, which can not only be linked with the driving mode and unlocking/door opening state, but also present the fantastic effect of breathing lights with the change of air conditioner temperature and music rhythm, as if you were in the parallel universe with a stunning and dynamic feeling.

In the intelligent cabin of OMODA 5, the user may control the execution of various functions of the vehicle through the ASR system instead of pressing keys, thus realizing convenient and fast control of multimedia, air conditioner, and other devices. Moreover, OMODA 5 has the functions of remote unlocking and vehicle starting. The user may turn on the air conditioner in advance and locate the vehicle via remote control, thus enjoying a more reassuring travel.

What’s more, OMODA 5 has just won a “five-star” security rating issued by Euro NCAP. Among them, the ADAS system equipped with OMODA 5, which has more than 16 functions, has achieved comprehensive superior performance in intelligent configuration, making great contributions to the “five-star” security rating.

As a fashionable and personalized product specially created for global young people, while embracing young users, OMODA 5 has stayed committed to chasing personalities, pursuing fashion trends and exploring the charm of intelligent technology together with global young urban elites.