Wed, Jan 17, 2024

The Global Debut of OMODA & JAECOO New Car Unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show

On April 18, OMODA and JAECOO made their debut as independent brands at the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (“Auto Shanghai 2023”), which sparked extensive attention from the global media. In particular, the OMODA brand’s first purely electric model, OMODA 5 e-QUA, made its world debut, while the JAECOO brand started a new journey with its two models, JAECOO 7 and JAECOO 9.

Auto Shanghai 2023, the first international A-class auto exhibition after the pandemic, has attracted the active participation of more than 1,000 companies worldwide. Driven by the new industry situation and new consumer trends, new brands, technologies, and products emerged intensively at the show, providing new energy for the global automobile market. The establishment of the two new brands, OMODA and JAECOO, exactly demonstrates its concept of embracing young-minded users and the industry.

OMODA has already created the first global vehicle OMODA 5 in contemplation of increasing the new generation to start a trendy and cool lifestyle. In the past year or so, OMODA has gained more than 3 million interactions, 3 billion exposures, and 10,000 user exchanges through 1200 pictures and live streaming research, fully embracing modern and young-minded users who are dynamic, energetic, and fashionable. At Auto Shanghai 2023, OMODA began its brand independence with its first purely electric model—OMODA 5 e-QUA.

In addition, another brand-new brand, JAECOO, which is an urban off-road SUV brand designed for urban elites with extraordinary tastes, was also unveiled simultaneously. In an attempt to satisfy the travel needs of the target audience with exquisite taste and outdoor exploration, JAECOO can deliver a sophisticated and high-end driving experience. JAECOO brand has brought two new vehicles to this auto exhibition, and the first one has already gained a lot of attention from the public through social media exposure in the early stage.

Inspired by the philosophy of nature, the designer draws inspiration from nature for the modeling language of JAECOO’s new vehicle and outlines the body with a large number of stable straight lines, which are smooth and simple without superfluous decorations, making it as restrained and calm as a gentleman. The matrix daytime running lights highlight the sense of technology, while the waterfall-like front grille symbolizes the vitality of nature. The interior design shows a sense of refinement and sophistication which are visible in all directions. The front panel is primarily characterized by straight lines, with metallic materials and a polygonal trimming process for a sense of power, which also perfectly echoes the JAECOO brand’s product positioning of a light off-road SUV. In addition, the patterns on the door panels and seats are inspired by the paper-cut window grilles in traditional Chinese architecture and embellished with the yellow color of winter jasmine, bringing vigorous vitality to not only the rebirth of the JAECOO brand but also to the whole automobile market.

After the debut at the auto exhibition, OMODA & JAECOO will hold a Brand Day on April 20 in Wuhu, Anhui Province, their headquarters in China. At that time, new energy technologies and future development strategies will also be released. With more than 400 dealers and media representatives from all over the world, let’s witness the birth of these two stylish and sophisticated brands.