Tue, Jan 23, 2024

New Vehicle Test Drive for OMODA & JAECOO Shows the Thrilling and Exciting Challenges with More than 10 Tests

On April 22, OMODA and JAECOO held their first global media test drive at the headquarters in Wuhu, China. Over 100 media outlets from more than 30 countries and regions around the world took turns to experience OMODA 5 and JAECOO 7, the first product of the JAECOO brand, through over 10 extreme simulation programs in three experience zones.

The test drive site, covering an area of more than 40,000 square meters, was divided into three major test drive areas, including a comprehensive track experience area, a straight-line acceleration experience area, and an off-road experience area. Two comprehensive track experience areas which are located in the middle of the site are set up with several road simulation programs such as U-turning, S-winding pile, splayed winding pile, and speed bump.

Next to the comprehensive track experience areas, a straight-line acceleration experience area was also set up to allow people to fully feel the acceleration under strong power. In addition, an off-road experience area was set up specifically for JAECOO 7, where people could feel the strong AWD performance of JAECOO 7 through off-road programs such as cross-axis, hump, side slope, and double-axle escape.

More than ten projects in the three test-driving areas directly showed the two major models of OMODA and JAECOO brands with different styles, allowing everyone to fully feel the charms of high-performance and high-quality products. In the meantime, the first pure electric product of the OMODA brand also appeared in the test drive site in the form of a static display and became the target for everyone to appreciate.

In the test drive for OMODA 5, which is most familiar to everyone, the solid chassis and surging power brought a deep impression on the sporty manipulation performance. With its MacPherson independent front suspension and a multilink suspension model, OMODA 5 can not only filter excess vibration but also bring strong support when passing through bumpy roads or S-bends. Moreover, the strong power from the 1.6T GDI excellent power also enables it to perform with ease in projects such as rapid acceleration. Besides, the electronic steering system equipped in OMODA 5 could provide accurate steering effort, making it possible to drive at extreme speeds with ease as well.

In addition to OMODA 5 and JAECOO 7, OMODA 5 EV, the first pure electric product of the OMODA brand, also attracted the attention of global media outlets and dealers by way of static appreciation. According to the media outlets at the site, more than 10 test drive programs were completely exceeding the daily driving environment in terms of difficulty, and the test of these extreme road conditions truly and objectively verified the excellent quality of O&J products.

The test drive experience has provided the media outlets and dealer partners with an incomparable driving experience. With the subsequent launch of OMODA 5 EV and JAECOO 7, it will bring a new travel experience of personalized, green, and exquisite styles to global users, which undoubtedly brings expectations.