Fri, Jan 5, 2024

OMODA will present a new futuristic crossover at Blazar

In September 2022, the OMODA brand will introduce a new fastback crossover . The car will become an art object at one of the main events of the year – the blazar young contemporary art fair, which will be held from September 14 to 18 at the Museum of Moscow.

To create an art installation, blazar curators chose three young artists: Sasha Puchkova, Maxim Emelyanov and Nikita Khodak. Each of them created their own unique design sketch especially for OMODA . As a result of voting in the official OMODA community, Maxim Yemelyanov won.

When creating the sketch, the artist used machine learning and an artificial neural network. The main idea of ​​the work is to create an ideal world, the matrix in which creativity and futurism are encrypted. Maxim Emelyanov was inspired by the concept of the OMODA brand – “Art in motion” – art in motion.

The design will be applied to the car, and the new OMODA crossover will appear before the general public as an art object, a symbol of the synthesis of art and modern technology.

Blazar Fair is the most important event of the year in the art world. Galleries, creative associations and young independent artists present their vision of the present and future from a new angle.

More details in the official OMODA Telegram channels:

About OMODA brand

OMODA is a new automotive brand in the high-middle segment. The DNA of the brand is innovative technological solutions and futuristic design. The OMODA crossover is the first model to be presented in Russia this fall. The concept of OMODA is “Art in Motion”, which is based on an avant-garde approach to color and form. An international team led by the brand’s chief designer Steve Hume worked on the design of the car.

About blazar fair

blazar is a fair for young contemporary art, a satellite of the Moscow international fair of contemporary art cosmoscow, has been held since 2020. blazar members are not only galleries, but also early-career independent artists working outside of gallery structures, as well as arts associations, educational institutions and non-profit institutions. Assistance with the selection of works at the fair is provided by mediators trained by the blazar team. blazar is accompanied by a lecture program, with discussions by artists, curators, patrons and art managers, a performance program, children’s excursions, workshops and a parallel program outside the fair space.

About the artist Maxim Emelyanov

Maxim Emelyanov works at the intersection of issues that stand out in modern graphic art related to the participation of artificial neural networks in the collection and analytics of visual information. It uses generative tools such as the Deep Dream algorithm, some kinds of GAN neural networks, text-to-image models.